912 Area Code

The area code has different names in different countries. In North America, the area code is called Numbering Plan Area (NPA) and in the UK, the area code is also called subscriber trunk dialing. In short, the subscriber trunk dialing is called STD. However, if you want to know the names of any city, then you should to any site and search the area code of any country. Although the area code is called NPA and STD in many countries but if you use area code online, then you will get related information quick. For finding the area code, NPA or STD, you will get many tools online.
In 72 cities in the United States, the 912 area code is found to use. The 912 area code is also found in some other cities from different countries like China and Sweden. Byske city is in Sweden and Yulin city is in China uses the 912 area code. In the Georgia state of United States, the 912 area code is found to use in Savannah major city in the Georgia state. Some other cities Alamo, Alma, Baxley, Blackshear, Brooklet, Broxton, Brunswick, Claxton, Clito, Cobbtown, Collins, Darien of the Georgia state use the 912 area code.