872 Area Code

A single area code has many users and that single area code may found in different cities and different countries. You do not need to know that area code of that city until you need to make a call to that city. If you call to the different country, then you need also use the country code of that number. You need to dial the country code first, then area code and finally use the telephone number. You have to follow this rules when you call the telephone number for another location. If you call from mobile phone to mobile phone to another country, then you need to use the country code. The area code is not necessary for the mobile number.
This 872 area code has used in 74 cities from different countries. Those cities are from United States, Russian Federation, Mexico, Iran, Republic of Ghana and China. Dali is the city of China and in this city, the 872 area code is found to use. In the Republic of Ghana, two cities Akwapim Mampong and Mampong-Akwapim use 872 area code. Chicago is the only city in Illinois use the 872 area code. In Russian Federation, Makhachkala and Republic of Dagestan cities use 872 area code.

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