816 Area Code

You can know the area code of any location from any country by the web tools and you can apply multiple tools for getting the confirmation. You can easily find the area code from online applications and tools. The area code may be found in printed directory but it is not suggested to use. Because the printed directory may not update and you need not buy such thing. If you use internet based tools, then it is very easy to get the latest information and area code for free. Most of the internet based application offer service for free. You can use multiple applications at the same time.
The same area code has many users and by the web tools, you can recognize those cities. Suppose, 816 area code may be used by multiple cities. 78 cities from United States, India, China and Russian Federation use the 816 area code. In the United States, all of the cities are from Missouri state use 816 area code. 74 cities from the United States, use 816 area code. From Russian Federation, Novgorod Oblast, and Novgorod Velikiy cities use 816 area code. Tumkur is the city of India uses 816 area code and the same area code is found to use in Mianyang city in China.

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