809 Area Code

The area code is compulsory for every city and the telecommunication authority of that country set the area code for that city. The area code has different formats what are used in different cities of different countries. A single area code may be used in many countries for different cities. You can know the area code of any city by the web tools. If you want to know the area code of your city, then you should contact with the telecommunications authority or visit different websites of the internet. You can search area code or names of cities from your smartphone if you download and use those applications. Download those applications from the apps store.
The 809 area code is used in the Dominican Republic. In this country, few cities use 809 area code. In this country, Santo Domingo is the major city of 809 area code user. There are some other cities available of 809 area code. Those cities are Azua De Compostela, Bajos De Haina, Bani, Boca Chica, Cotui, La Romana, Los Alcarrizos, Moca, Salvaleon De Higuey, San Cristobal, San Felipe De Puerto Plata, San Francisco De Macoris, San Juan De La Maguana, Santa Cruz De Barahona and Santiago De Los Caballeros.

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