805 Area Code

An area code is a numbering tag of any city and you need to use this number tag when you call to that city by the telephone number. Otherwise, the area code is not used and you can make the telephone number with the area code when the telephone number if from a different city. The area code is related to the technology of telecommunication and this is why, many people do not know or understand about the area code. By the internet, it is easy and possible to know about the area code. You can also search the area code of any city.
Under the United States, the California┬ástate uses 805 area code. In this state, 42 cities are found to use 805 area code. This 805 area code is not available in any other country. In this United States, 805 area code is used by Arroyo Grande, Atascadero, Bakersfield – Main Da, Bradley, California, Camarillo, Cambria, Carpinteria, Carrisa Plains, Cayucos, Conejo, El Rio, Fillmore, Gaviota, Guadalupe, Lompoc, Los Alamos, Moorpark, Morro Bay, Newbury Park, Nipomo, Oak View, Ojai, Oxnard, Parkfield, Paso Robles, Piru, Pismo Beach, Point Mugu, San Luis Obispo, San Miguel, Santa Barbara, Santa Margarita, Santa Maria, Santa Paula, Santa Ynez, Saticoy, Simi Valley, Somis, Thousand Oaks, Ventura Central and Ventura East.

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