764 Area Code

The area code is easy to know of any city and I use the internet for this reason. The same area code may be used by many cities and you need not know all names of those cities but by the internet, you can know the names of all cities which are users of the same area code. I have found that many cities use a single area code in a country and out of the country. Suppose, the 764 area code has many users. There are many applications what you can use to know the area code of those cities and names of all cities of a single area code.
The Daly City is the city of California state in the United States use 764 area code. Total 69 cities from different countries use 764 area code. Those cities are from USA, Uruguay, Paraguay, Mexico, japan and Iran and those most of the cities are from Iran. Those Iranian cities are Anooh, Band Moalem, Bandar Charak, Bandar Khamiran, Bandar Magham, Bastak, Berkeh Doka, Bastane, Beh Deh, Boochir, Bostanoo, Chah Banader, Chah Moslem, Dahang, Dashty, Dehtel etc. use 764 area code. However, if you want to know all of the names of 764 area code users, then you should use www.area-codes-db.com web tool.

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