706 Area Code

You may not know about the area code. Because it is used less now. The area code is used only for the telephone number and it has no use for the mobile number. Even you do not need to use the area code when you call from the same city to the same city. You have to dial the area code of the city where you want to dial. After dialing the area code, you can dial the rest of the telephone number. The single area code may be for the different city but it is not a big problem. When you dial the full number after the area code, then the phone will ring on the right place.
The 706 area code is found to use in the United States only and in this country, Georgia is the only state where the 706 area code is found to use. In this state, Athens, Augusta, Dahlonega, and Toccoa are the major state of 706 area code users. Some other cities Big Canoe, Blairsville, Calhoun, Carlton, Carnesville, Cave Spring, Chickamauga, Clarkesville, Cleveland, Cohutta, Colbert, Columbus, Comer, Crawfordville, Cusseta, Dawsonville, Dial, Dillard-Mountain City, Eatonton, Elberton, Ellijay, Fairmount, Franklin, Geneva, Gibson, Greenville, Helen, Hephzibah, Hiawassee etc. of 706 area code user of California.

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