564 Area Code

The location for any business organization is important and for that location, an area code is set by the telephone exchange commission. The business organization will use the area code of that location with their telephone number. The area code can be changed by the business organization. For this reason, they need to go through by some few steps. To know all of the procedure of the area code change, you should contact with the local telephone exchange commission. You can visit the web site of that city to know the area code changing procedure. You can know the area code of your city.
In the Washington state, Seattle is the only city which uses the 564 area code. Without the United States, some other cities are found to use 564 area code. Except the United States, I have found 9 more cities to use 564 area code. Kryvyi Rih is from Ukraine; Baýramaly is from Turkmenistan; Sysslebäck is from Sweden; El Dindir is from Sudan; Higashikamo District, Nukata District, and Okazaki are from Japan; Jakigoor is from Iran and LiuAn is from China. Due to the use of multiple applications, I have found names of all of the cities. You can also use Android and iOS based applications to know the names of cities of area code users.

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