484 Area Code

An area code is an important thing and without using the area code with the phone number, the number will be active to make a call from another city. If you do not know the area code of your city, then you should use the web based applications or code finder application which are available for your smartphone. No matter that your smartphone is iOS or Android. Such applications are available for both plat form. You need to go to the store and download application. Some applications help you know all of the names of the cities which use a certain area code.
Bethlehem is a major city of Pennsylvania state in United State uses 484 area code. There are some other major cities Bethlehem and Reading also use 484 area code. Under the same state, there are many cities use 484 area code under the same state. Those cities are Avondale, Bangor, Bath, Birdsboro, Boyertown, Catasauqua, Chester Springs, Coatesville, Collegeville, Coopersburg, Douglassville, Downingtown, Easton, Emmaus, Exton, Ferndale, Fleetwood, Glenmoore, Green Hills, Hamburg, Hellertown, Honey Brook, Kemblesville, Kempton, Kennett Square, Kutztown, Landenberg, Leesport, Lehighton, Mendenhall, Nazareth etc. 484 area code is also used by some other cities from different countries and those countries are from Russian, Indian and Vanuatu.

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