473 Area Code

The area code is important for all of the countries and many states or cities. In the big countries or states many cities are available and in those cities, different area codes are used. If you know the name of the city, then you can easily find out the area code. For this reason, you have to use directory or tool to recover the area code. This is very easy. You need to use a search engine like Google or Yahoo for finding area code of any city quick. You can bring the list of the cities where an area code is used. You can try to get information of 473 area code.
The city St. George’s of Grenada is found in 473 area code. This 473 area code is found in Belmont, Grand Roy, Grenville, Sauteurs, St. David’s and Victoria cities. The same 473 area code may use in different countries I used different tools with 473 area code to know more names of the cities of different countries. Lira is a city of Uganda use the 473 area code. In Russian federation, there are many cities use the area code. The same area code is found in Mexico, Grenada, and China.

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