415 Area Code

It is difficult to find area code in any printed book and for many people, it is also difficult to purchase such type of books. You may find area code in Yellow page. But if you take help from the internet, then you do not need to pay or buy any service. There are many free tools and applications what you can use for finding the code or finding the area by the code. You can try to by those tools.
The area of California of United State is very big and in this California state, San Francisco is the major city. Under the California, some other countries also use the 415 area code. Those countries are Belvedere (marin), California, Corte Madera, Ignacio, Inverness, Mill Valley, Nicasio, Novato, Point Reyes, San Francisco – Central Da, San Francisco – Juniper Da, San Francisco – Montrose-evergreen Da, San Rafael, Sausalito, Stinson Beach-Bolinas.
The 415 area code is also used in other cities of different countries. In the Uruguay, Nueva Carrara city also uses the 415 area code. In city Hörby of Sweden, city Kamchatka Krai of Russian Federation, city Allende of Mexico and city of Dandong.
You can use visit http://areacode.org to know detail about area code.

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