404 Area Code

The United State of America consists of 50 states and under those states many cities are available. That is why it is necessary to mark with area code. With the area code, it is easy to locate any city and the area code sits front of the phone number. If you do not add the area code with the phone number, then you cannot contact with the receiver. 404 area code is used for state Georgia of United State. News cities of Georgia use the 404 area code. The major cities of Georgia are Atlanta of Dekalb county and Sandy Springs of Fulton county. Some other cities of Georgia of different counties. Alpharetta, Avondale Estates, Clarkston, College Park, Conley, Decatur, East Point, Forest Park, Pine Lake, Red Oak and Scottdale. For a long time, the 404 area code has been used in the United State Georgia.
An area code may use for other countries and different cities. The same 404 area code is used in Mbabane city of Swaziland and Wicklow city of Ireland. You have to use the internet to find the code quick. You can use code finding or area finding. There are various web tools or search engine for finding code quick.

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