274 Area Code

You should study if you want to know anything detail and you will not find any better way than the internet. If you want to know about the area code, then you should give more preference internet than the Yellow Page. An area code is a common thing for many countries and a single are code may be used for different cities if different countries. You need to use 274 area code with the telephone number where the 274 area code is used. You can easily know the information about the area code and city. The Green Bay is the only city of State Wisconsin of United States use the 274 area code.
The 274 area code is found to use in many countries of different cities. I have found 49 more cities to use 274 area code. Those countries are Zimbabwe, Venezuela, Sudan, Mexico, Libyan Arab Jamahiriya, japan, Iran, and Guyana. If you do not use a different application for finding area code, then you will face the problem. You can download code finding applications for iOS and Android device. With the applications, you can easily find area code and cities of different countries easily. You can try to use the applications or web tools what you like best.

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