212 Area Code

One of the most important and popular cities of United State is New York. This city is situated in the New York State. For the New York city, the area code 212 is selected. This code is used with the telephone number. If you call from any state to New York city to someone, then you must add 212 area code with the phone.
The same area code can be used for some other cities of different countries. By using web tool, I have found Albania, Germany, India, Sudan and Venezuela and the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela to use the 212 area code. In Albenia, Puk√ę city and in India, Chinchwad uses the 212 area code. Hilden, Solingen, Wuppertal, Langenfeld and Leichlingen cities of Germany use 212 area code. Abh Rural and Abu Hamad of Sudan cities use the 212 area code. Gran Caracas, Miranda and Vargas cities of Venezuela, Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela use 212 Area code.
There are several web tools what you can use for finding the area code and cities. You can use www.area-codes-db.com or http://areacode.org to find the code. You can use www.allareacodes.com web tool but this one is appropriate for United State only and you will get a map.

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