206 Area Code

This is very common in United State, Canada, UK and some other countries to divide the country by the state and under those states there are many cities. For making the calling easier, the government has used different area code for certain location. It may happen that the same area is used by different countries. It is necessary to know where you are exactly. If you call any city of United State with area code, then the phone will not ring any other country where the same area code has been used.
206 area code is mainly set for the Washington of the United State. The major city Seattle uses the 206 area code under the Washington. Some other cities Bainbridge Island, Des Moines, Richmond Beach, Seattle, Vashon, Washington which use the 206 area code of Washington.
Under the country Libyan Arab Jamahiriya, Suk Elkhamis is the only city use the 206 area code. I did not found any other city which used the 206 area code but if you want to keep searching, then you should use all web application or web tool. Many such applications are available for your smartphone. You can download those applications and start using.

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