205 Area Code

Many countries use area code in its cites to get a connection. This area code is used with the telephone number and front of the phone number. You need to add the area code with phone code. Without adding the area code, it is impossible to make the phone number complete. If you call from any other city, then you need to add the code with the phone number. However, under some web application, you may get a map with area code like http://areacode.org. You can use this web application.
Many cities use 205 area code under Alabama state of United State country. Around 70 cities use the 205 area code of the Alabama state and Penhalonga of Zimbabwe and Sidiessaiah of Libyan Arab Jamahiriya use the same 205 area code.
Those cities of Alabama state are Alabama, Alabaster, Aliceville, Ashville, Berry, Bessemer, Birmingham, Blountsville, Brilliant, Butler, Calera, Carbon Hill, Carrollton, Centreville, Chelsea, Clanton, Columbiana, Cordova, Detroit, Dora, Double Springs, Ethelsville, Eutaw, Fayette, Flatwood, Gardendale, Gordo, Graysville, Guin, Hackleburg, Haleyville, Hamilton, Jasper, Jemison, Kennedy, Leeds, Lincoln, Lisman, Livingston (sumter), Lynn, Millport, Montevallo, Moundville, Nauvoo, Nectar, Needham, Oakman, Odenville, Oneonta, Panola etc. You can know all of the names of cities of www.area-codes-db.com by the www.area-codes-db.com tool.

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