204 Area Code

Different countries use various types of code and area code is one code which is used most in different cities under many cities. Once people use printed Yellow page book to find address and phone number of any person but now the same task has been easier. Now people take help of internet to find any solutions related to anything. By the internet, finding an area code or area is very easy.
In Canada, you must get many area codes for cities under the certain state. This 204 area code is used for Manitoba state. Under this state, there are many cities which use the 204 area code. Around 245 cities use the 204 area code. Under Zimbabwe, Odzi is only a city which uses the same area code. If you use the web tool www.area-codes-db.com, then you can find out more codes or cities by the code.
Under the Canada, these cities Alexander, Alonsa, Altona, Amaranth, Anola, Arborg, Arden, Ashern, Austin, Baldur, Basswood, Beausejour, Belmont, Benito, Berens River, Beulah, Binscarth, Birch River, Birtle, Bissett, Bloodvein, Boissevain, Bowsman, Brandon, Brochet, Brokenhead, Brookdale, Camperville, Carberry, Carman, Cartwright, Churchill, Clanwilliam, Clear Lake etc. use 204 area code. You can easily find more names by the internet.

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